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Some Fundamental Rules about owing Taxes: 

1.  The income tax is not "voluntary".

2.   "Uncle Sam" is not your Uncle.

3.    Seizure of your assets and hard earned money is not "Kinder and gentler", no matter what type of frosting they coat it with.

4.    The concept of  paying "your fair share" is a politicians way of kissing your baby for the evening news shot, and then seizing the family bank account.

5.     If you owe taxes, the government may use force to collect. Criminal sanctions may apply.

6.     Tax Collection is the business end of government.  

7.     The IRS is targeting someone right now. 

8.     Are you next?

9.     If you want to see eyes filled with fear, merely look to a family who owes money to the IRS.

10.     If you have a Tax Problem, you need to fix it. You need to deal with it.  Don't let the IRS target you for destruction.  


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