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IRS Levy and Wage Garnishment

IRS levy and IRS Wage Garnishment War Room - Stories of the American Taxpayer.

Some IRS employees should be unemployed:

The IRS levied the taxpayerís bank account. Checks were bouncing. Court ordered payments for child support and Alimony were due to be paid in the next few days and the taxpayer faced eviction for non payment of rent (bounced rent check). The IRS employee refused to release the levy because the "court ordered payments hadnít been paid yet", and an IRS "manager" took the "position" that the taxpayer wouldnít get evicted for 3 months (before being forced to live out of his car as he had before).  The IRS employee also didn't care that the court ordered child support was needed in order to provide for the taxpayer's own children. The IRS also advised that it didnít care if employees of the taxpayerís business didnít get paid (with the result that their families couldnít pay for their housing, food and utilities). The total lack of common sense, ignorance of accounting, and disregard of its own rules by the IRS employees was outrageous.

Aggressive representation by obtained levy relief.


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