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Bank Levies

A bank must wait 21 calendar days after an IRS levy is served before sending payment. Then, on the next business day, it must turn over the taxpayer's money.

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The Internal Revenue Manual provisions on Bank Levies appears below.

The above cover such topics as:

  •   Holding Period
  •   Bank Liaison
  •   Amount that Must be Surrendered
  •   Crediting Levy Payments
  •   Income Deposited in a Bank Account
  •   Mortgage Escrow Accounts
  •   Schools' Bank Accounts
  •   Reimbursing Bank Charges Because of Erroneous Levies
  •   Deposit Secured Loans
  •   Bank Compliance and the Levy Process
  • Exhibit 5.11.4-1   Department of Education Regional Offices

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