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An Open Letter to Congress on the "Bail Out"

The Bail Out appears to be a mere "bail out" for those who have created our present problem, not the ordinary American. If a Captain of an aircraft carrier runs it aground, he loses his command. Yet, Congress wants to give to those who have caused this situation more money and another ship to run aground. Further, giving Dictatorial Powers to the Treasury is outrageous.

Do you as a Public Official know, or care, about how the present Treasury Department ignores the law, and ignores ordinary Americans?

I am a Tax Attorney who represents individuals before the IRS and California taxing agencies. The IRS and the Taxpayer Advocate Service (IRS) are ruthless at this time. Attempts to communicate with officials in Washington D.C. is like sending messages into a black hole. This wasnít always the case. When Reagan was President, such communications actually were responded to, and IRS Managers discussed how conference calls took place between Washington D.C., and their offices concerning problems. However, now (under Bush), as with the Clinton administration, the lack of response is deafening, and the lack of accountability shocking. If every American Citizen were subjected to the capricious actions of the IRS for 1 year, I can guarantee you that the system would be immediately changed. In fact, no one would even dare propose turning over such powers to the Treasury out of concern that Americans would react in a "not so friendly manner".

Under IRS present "policy" a levy is released if there is hardship. However, the IRS and the Taxpayer Advocate Service takes the position that to qualify you have to be in the position of having your utilities being shut off, or you and your family are being evicted from your housing. Why arenít these same standards applied to the "elite" who have bankrupted and destroyed our economic system? Why donít you, as OUR representative, stand up to these sell outs who have, and continue, to sell out America and our resources to foreign powers and our enemies for profit? The Treasury routinely ignores the statutory requirement that a taxpayerís "particular facts and circumstances" are to be taken into account in applying the "IRS Standards" for allowable expenses. Why is it that the average American family is subjected to such abuse, repeated violation of the law, and draconian measures at the hands of the Treasury Department, while the "elite" are to get a financial "bail out", which in turn is ultimately guaranteed on the backs of the American families (and future generations)?

We are supposed to live in a Republic, not a Socialist or Fascist state.

Our government has betrayed the American Citizen, has trashed the Constitution, ignores the Bill of Rights, and is destroying our Republic. Will this be the final blow - Hitlarian powers given to the Treasury? They already have almost total control over the pocket books of every American Citizen who is trying to comply with the law.

Our industries have been shipped to our enemies (China, et al) so that the people who created our present problems could profit. We have huge trade deficits, and our English language is being replaced by languages of people invading from third world countries. They fly their foreign flags on our soil, and our government officials solicit them. At the same time, our federal and state governments use our tax monies to translate documents into the languages of these invaders. In fact, last week, I couldnít get through on a tax case to speak to a government official, and the only way I could get through (after repeated calls and the system hanging up due to call volume) was to push the button for a foreign language to reach a "human".

Of course, both presidential candidates favor amnesty for the invaders. This will result in yet more government subsidies (health care, schooling etc...), more illegal aliens in our prisons (who account for about 1/3 now), more ignorant voters who vote for more government hand outs, while incorporating the graft and corruption of their 3rd world countries into the fabric of America. Further, our government officials will then use the crime statistics generated by these gangs and invaders as rationale to further erode our American Bill of Rights. Elected officials pledged and owe their duty to the U.S. Constitution and the American People, not any foreign power or any bunch of illegal invaders on our soil!

And now our "government representatives" are selling out to those who caused the economic meltdown.

Are there any representatives who actually will stand up and say NO?

Very truly yours,


A. Nathan Zeliff, Esq.



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